Iris Companion Plants

Companion plants for irises are as much a personal decision as a practical decision. As long as they share compatible needs for light, water and fertilizer without over crowding the high-priority irises, they should thrive together!

Some of my favorite combinations:

Hostas, rhododendrons, azaleas and ferns mix quite well with Pacific Coast Irises.

Alternating Daylilies and Spuria irises is a great combination. Spurias bloom before Daylilies; their flower spikes rise above the Daylily foliage. Then, once the Spurias are done blooming and going into a semi-dormant state, the Daylilies start blooming and their foliage hides part of the Spuria foliage.

Iris japonica is an excellent understory plant for native plantings, as is Iris cristata. An established planting of I. japonica in bloom will provide a delicate scent as the airy flower stalks extend above the foliage. I. cristata blooms a delicate touch color above groundcovers and the foliage adds a little height and texture during the remainder of the growing season.

Miniature Dwarf, Standard Dwarf, and Pacific Coast Irises are all excellent additions to rock gardens and low borders.